Curious about Creative Commons and Copyright

In Week 3 of our Student Blogging Challenge we learnt about Creative Commons. We explored different licences and thought about issues about using images and music that we find out the internet.

Every time someone creates something – music, images, text or videos – there are copyright laws that protect the rights of the person who created the item. We need to understand our responsibilities when we are mixing and mashing things for our own creations.

We found out that some things are okay for us to use and some things are not. We also found out that there are some things we can use but there are special conditions for their use.

We collaborated to make a Google Slides presentation to show what we learnt about the many different types of licences.

Why do you think it is important to have these laws? What would happen if we didn’t have laws protecting intellectual property? What sites do you know that have useful Creative Commons images and music that we can use if we follow the terms of the licence?

2 thoughts on “Curious about Creative Commons and Copyright

  1. I really enjoyed doing the creative commons. I liked doing it because it was good to learn how to be safe and learn to get pictures on the internet. I also enjoined it because it was really fun and we got to communicate more with some other people that I didn’t really know.

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