Meet 4B!


We are a class of 27 enthusiastic learners in a Year 4 class in Brisbane, Australia. Most of us are 8 or 9 years old. We love to learn and have fun.

We are so lucky to be in 4B because

  • we have fun while we learn.
  • we have a wonderful teacher, Mrs Batham.
  • we get to learn new things.
  • we get to use our computers to learn.
  • we do a lot of maths. (We love maths)
  • we make new friends.
  • we like to always improve.
  • we never give up.
  • we like challenges.
  • we like to write.
  • we like to do homework.
  • we love to read.
  • we blog a lot. Blogging our learning helps us to be better learners.

We hope you enjoy visiting our blog. We love to get comments and to know that people enjoy reading about what we are doing!


38 thoughts on “Meet 4B!

  1. 4B is a wonderful class with lots of challenging learning ahead for the year. I look forward watching your creative skills grow with the challenges of the 100 word challenge and the stories you will create. Enjoy your friends and learning from your wonderful teacher…

    • Hi. We used a website called Pocoyize and you chose what you want after we all got an avatar we went on to In power point we got two people to put them all together. We got them all and put them by each one. Then we published it on our blog.

  2. Thank you for saying that we are a wonderful class. We think we are too. And, yes, we do a lot of challenges. Thank you Mrs O.

    • Thanks for letting me know, Jonah. Do you think the issue is with the keyboard or with the game? Have you tried removing the keyboard and reattaching it, or using the on-screen keyboard?
      Have you tried refreshing the page?
      I have contacted Spelling City about the issues people have had with Splat-n-spell. We will try to do the activities in class next week so that we can make a log of all the issues and work out if it they are hardware or software issues.
      Spelling City have suggested checking that we are running the latest version of Flash.

      Mrs Batham

  3. Wat are you Learning in school
    Like what is your favorite subject from school
    And what you like from school

    • Hi leilani we usually play hard challenges. Our latest challenge was a sum dog one and it was out of Australia. There where 192 classes and out of 192 we came third. In the students I came 57th and that is one challenge we do like!

  4. How fun that you use computers. in our class in math we use iPad
    And it’s still fun beacaus our teacher make things fun and not in paper so cut be boring.How cool

    • Hi Ari my name is Jessica, When I was reading your comment I fond a mistake, it was [so cut be boring] it should have been so it can’t be boring. other wise great job

    • My favorite thing to do in school is to sometimes play soccer or touch football or even sometimes I play Minecraft in the library but only if it is rainy.

    • My favourite thing to do at school is to play our laptops and they are called surface pro threes and my favourite thing to do on my laptop is to play minecraft and minecraft is a game that you play and you get to build houses and you can build anything you want and my favourite sport to play is soccer so now you what I like you should try and play them and my best friend is josh w.

  5. Hey my goal to reach is to be a famous soccer player when I grow up and I have to practice to be a famous soccer player

    • Funny because my goal is closely the same. I want to play for FC Barcelona and be in the international team for Australia.

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